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Day of Reckoning—A Lucas Wade Western
Book 3

by Raylan McCrae

Lucas Wade is back in Day of Reckoning!  As the legendary Wyoming Range Wars are building steam, Marshal Lucas Wade finds himself caught between the Big Cattle corporate barons of the Stock Growers Association and the old time ranchers, big and small, that have settled in the open ranges of Wyoming.  When the corporate cattlemen hang Judy Ruth Walder with an “I Rustled C0ws” sign around her neck, Marshal Wade realizes there are no limits to what they will do.  More than one gunfight will be required as Spencer, Wyoming fills up with gunmen hired by the Association, but eventually the conflict explodes into a war with hundreds on each side.

In this Lucas Wade sequel, old favorites return like Nellie Washington who lives with Marshal Wade, and Augustus Claymore, Wade’s shotgun carrying deputy.  This is the third book in the Lucas Wade Western series from highly acclaimed author Raylan McCrae, whose previous books in the series, Just Compensation and Gunfighter’s Justice, have been compared by readers and critics to Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour.  If you’ve not yet read the Lucas Wade series, Day of Reckoning is the perfect place to begin.  Raylan McCrae continues to write about a wide open West, where freedom is personified by men willing to take a life and death stance for what they want or what they believe in.  As always, in Day of Reckoning McCrae blends an action packed drama with humor and spice that will keep you turning pages.




“Another great novel by Raylan McCrae!”

“You will not be disappointed!”

“Definitely my favorite Western series!”

“Keeps you on the edge of your seat!”

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Gunfighter’s Justice—A Lucas Wade Western
Book 2

by Raylan McCrae

 If you enjoyed the first in this Western series, you’ll love this one. If you haven’t jumped into the Lucas Wade saga, Gunfighter’s Justice is a great place to start.  In this classic Western novel, Spencer, Wyoming has been overrun by former Yankee cavalryman Captain Jacks Anderson and his gunmen. The town marshal has been murdered, leaving Spencer helpless until they hire Lucas Wade to take back their town. Compared to Zane Grey and Louis L’Amour, Raylan McCrae brings back the real west, which was built by and around men that knew right from wrong and were willing to stand up for it–heroes of rich, deep character like Lucas Wade. Gunfighter’s Justice, a story filled with humor and drama, is packed with twists and turns, as well as rich characters that jump off the page. It is a melding of this classic Western genre with an edgy, action-packed, fast-paced story normally seen only in Contemporary Fiction.





“A wonderful old school western story!”

“My favorite character is back!”

“There is no time for the reader to catch their breath!”

“His style helps you get lost in the story!”

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Just Compensation—A Lucas Wade Western
Book 1

by Raylan McCrae

Just Compensation is a story about fighting for justice when the odds are stacked against you. Right and wrong is usually clear cut; the question is who will stand up and fight? Lucas Wade, a lawman for over 20 years, is one man who will go to the limit. The story is framed by the nostalgia of the Old West, but like most classic westerns it’s a tale that could be put in any setting or time. Help is needed by a past love, who now finds herself, along with her husband and neighbors, being threatened by a rancher that bends to no man and no rule. While Wade determined long ago that his life was too dangerous to put a wife at risk, he soon finds himself looking after this woman from his past as well as a young black girl who has been forced into service at the local saloon. This new relationship brings in a myriad of racial issues not normally found in the western genre. Wade uses tough talk, a quick draw, and a deadly aim to get justice for those who can’t find it for themselves. The Lucas Wade Westerns are not just for those familiar with the genre, but for all readers who love action and the triumph of right over wrong.





“A superbly written western!”

“Stands up with the best in the genre!”

“A wonderful story and an awesome new hero!”

“Bravo Just Compensation!”


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About the Author

     RAYLAN McCRAE practiced law in the upper echelons of the U.S. government and in the private sector; he now spends most his time writing but devotes some of his time to nonpaying things he likes to do, including smoking good cigars, drinking old scotch, and reading books. Raylan loves to read books almost as much as he loves to write them. One of his favorite quotes, from George Martin’s Game of Thrones, says:   “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies; the man who never reads lives only one.”  
     Raylan grew up riding horses and herding cattle before heading to the city. He knows his way around trails and halls alike. Raylan currently lives in Southern California with his wife and children.
     If you enjoyed reading Just Compensation and Gunfighter’s Justice, you won’t want to miss what happens to Lucas Wade next in Day of Reckoning.   To stay up to date on these books and other news from Raylan, sign up in the right hand column and get on our list (Don’t worry, we only email you with real news, and we don’t give your email address to others). To talk to Raylan, send an email to raylan@raylanmccrae.com and yes, he will respond personally; if you’ve taken the time to write to him, he figures he can time the time to write you back.